CPC MR 12ML, 350 mm


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Linear Guide / Rail / Width
Linear Guide / Block / Type
Linear Guide / Rail / Length
Product number: CPC-MR12ML-350
Packaging: 30 x 400 x 20 mm (0.3 kg)
Product information "CPC MR 12ML, 350 mm"

Genuine CPC miniature linear guideway; single rail cut to length with a single long block. Highest preload (V1) and normal (N) precision guarantees a stiff / play-free and binding-free motion. The blocks feature an injection hole for lubrication and a seal from all sides (even the bottom).


The blocks and rails are non-interchangeable - keep the blocks on the rails! A violation does expire warranty effectively.


We strongly recommend to clean the rails before lubrication. Put a zip tie through the very last holes to ensure the block can not escape the rail. Fill a glass with some grease solvent and soak the blocks for at least an hour. Rinse the blocks and wipe the rail from any residue grease with a lint-free cloth.


We recommend to lubricate the ball races and bearing balls with grease, and cover the entire rail itself in a thin coat of grease to prevent oxidation. Recommended lubricants (in no particular order):

Note: lubricants containing MoS2 or graphite must not be used.

Linear Guide / Block / Type: Long
Linear Guide / Rail / Length: 350 mm
Linear Guide / Rail / Width: 12 mm
Voron / Model: Trident
Voron / Spec: 300
Bill of Materials for "CPC MR 12ML, 350 mm"
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Model / Spec 120 230 250 300 350
VORON Legacy
VORON Switchwire
VORON Trident 1

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