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Fermio MGN7H, 150 mm, GCr15 (black)

Product information "Fermio MGN7H, 150 mm, GCr15 (black)"

Fermio Labs miniature linear guideway; single rail cut to length with a single long block. Highest preload (Z1) and normal (N) precision guarantees a stiff / play-free and binding-free motion. Unlike most of the linear guideways produced in China, our blocks feature a functional injection hole / grease port for lubrication which is compatible with our lubrication kit.


The blocks and rails are non-interchangeable - keep the blocks on the rails! A violation does expire warranty effectively.


We strongly recommend to clean the rails before lubrication. Put a zip tie through the very last holes to ensure the block can not escape the rail. Fill a glass with some grease solvent and soak the blocks for at least an hour. Rinse the blocks and wipe the rail from any residue grease with a lint-free cloth.


We recommend to lubricate the ball races and bearing balls with grease, and cover the entire rail itself in a thin coat of grease to prevent oxidation. Recommended lubricants (in no particular order):

Note: lubricants containing MoS2 or graphite must not be used.

Properties "Fermio MGN7H, 150 mm, GCr15 (black)"
Linear Guide / Block / Type: Long
Linear Guide / Rail / Length: 150 mm
Linear Guide / Rail / Material: GCr15 (black)
Linear Guide / Rail / Width: 7 mm
Voron / Model: VORON0 V0.1
Voron / Spec: 120
Manufacturer "Fermio Labs GmbH"

Fermio Labs provides the Voron Design community with high quality products. The founders are deeply rooted in and connected with the community and want to make Voron 3D printers more accessible.

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Bill of Materials for "Fermio MGN7H, 150 mm, GCr15 (black)"
Our Bill Of Materials is a usefull tool while sourcing your VORON.
Model / Spec120230250300350
VORON Legacy
VORON Switchwire
VORON Trident
VORON0 V0.1 5

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GCr15 / Bearing Steel

GCr15 is a very well known and worlwide used bearing steel. For the looks and to improve resistance to rust, we oxidise them black!

440C SUS / Stainless Steel

440C is most famous as one of the best and most versatile cutlery steel. Its very hard, resistant to rust, is good for polishing and in general an overachiever in its area.


Our rails come preserved with oil so they are protected against the elements while waiting for being installed in a new printer. This oil needs to be removed before usage, it's not feasible as lubricant!


We recommend to lubricate the ball races and bearing balls with grease, and cover the entire rail itself in a thin coat of grease to prevent oxidation.


Preload determines the stiffness of your linear guide. The higher the preload, the stiffer. Free running rails can wobble which will result in noise and vibrations and visible defects in your overall print quality (i.e. layer stacking). Our rails are specced with the highest preload level available - reducing noise and vibrations and improving your print quality!

> 500 available
OMRON D2F-5L Microswitch
OMRON D2F-5L Microswitch
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StealthBurner RGB LED Kit
StealthBurner RGB LED Kit
StealthBurner RGB LED Kit, pre-wired. Total of three SK6812 RGBNW LEDs. Wire terminated with 3-pin Molex Microfit 3.0 connector. Hint Use our prepared connection cable StealthBurner RGB LED Wire Harness to update your wire harness. Note The M42 hexnut and 3D printed parts are not part of this kit and are pictured for demonstration purposes only.

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Brass Heat Insert, 5 x 4 mm, M3
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Content: 100 piece (€0.09* / 1 piece)

SSR DIN Rail Mounting Adapter
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€3.99* €4.99* (20.04% saved)
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Round Neodym Magnets, 6 x 3 mm, N52, coated black, electrically non conductive
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