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Rainbow on a Matchstick (RGB)

Product information "Rainbow on a Matchstick (RGB)"


  • chainable 24V LED bar
  • on both sides a JST-XH 2 pin connector
  • CRI >= 90
  • CTT = 4000K


  • chainable 5V RGB LED bar
  • on both sides a JST-XH 3 pin connector
  • WS2812B LEDs
  • one resistor for the dataline is inside each box, in case you need it to get right color control


  • Stick:            270mm
  • Matchstick:  158mm


Based on BLAMM's Daylight Voron Hardware design.

Manufacturer "Fermio Labs GmbH"

Fermio Labs provides the Voron Design community with high quality products. The founders are deeply rooted in and connected with the community and want to make Voron 3D printers more accessible.

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