StealthBurner RGB LED Wire Harness, 350 Spec


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Voron / Spec
Product number: FLG-VRN-WRH-SB-RGB-350
Packaging: 100 x 10 x 50 mm (0.1 kg)
Product information "StealthBurner RGB LED Wire Harness, 350 Spec"

Wire harness addition for our StealthBurner RGB LED Kit using black Helukabel Heluflon®-fep-6y 0.25mm². One end with a Molex MicroFix 3.0 connector, the other end with a Dupont connector fitting for BTT Octopus and Fysetc Spider.

Controller: BTT Octopus, FYSETC Spider
Voron / Extruder: StealthBurner
Bill of Materials for "StealthBurner RGB LED Wire Harness, 350 Spec"
Our Bill Of Materials is a usefull tool while sourcing your VORON.
Model / Spec 120 230 250 300 350
VORON Legacy 1
VORON Switchwire 1
VORON Trident 1 1 1
VORON1 V1.8 1 1
VORON2 V2.4 1 1 1

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