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VORON0 V0.2 Kirigami, space gray

Product information "VORON0 V0.2 Kirigami, space gray"

Kirigami replaces the entire build plate support assembly for a VORON0 V0.2 (V0.1 backward compatible) with a much more rigid and stiffer solution. The clever design obsoletes the weak assembly of extrusions and printed parts. It is bolted directly on to the linear guideways blocks and attached by an additional printed part to the Z axis lead screw. Additionally it can house up to six WAGO 211 to quick connect build plate wiring. All critical bends and surfaces are perfectly perpendicular and parallel to each other.


  • 1 pcs. laser-cut, bend, sand-blasted and anodized Kirigami
  • 8 pcs. M2 x 4mm button head screw (DIN912, 12.9)
  • 6 pcs. WAGO 221-412 terminals


Original design by Christopher Müller. Based on V3. Source:

Properties "VORON0 V0.2 Kirigami, space gray"
Voron / Model: VORON0 V0.1, VORON0 V0.2
Voron / Spec: 120
Manufacturer "Fermio Labs GmbH"

Fermio Labs provides the Voron Design community with high quality products. The founders are deeply rooted in and connected with the community and want to make Voron 3D printers more accessible.

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Bill of Materials for "VORON0 V0.2 Kirigami, space gray"
Our Bill Of Materials is a usefull tool while sourcing your VORON.
Model / Spec120180230250300350
Annex K3
VORON Legacy
VORON Switchwire
VORON Trident
VORON0 V0.1 1
VORON0 V0.2 1

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