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Klicky Probe

Product information "Klicky Probe"

Klicky is a microswitch probe with magnetic attachment.


Additional hardware is only pictured for demonstration purposes.

Manufacturer ""
Years of building printers and printing, focused in on one thing: delivering highest quality 3D printed parts. Fast. Flawless!
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Bill of Materials for "Klicky Probe"
Our Bill Of Materials is a usefull tool while sourcing your VORON.
Model / Spec120230250300350
VORON Legacy
VORON Switchwire
VORON Trident 1 1 1
VORON2 V2.4 1 1 1

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All parts are printed with high quality PC-CF (Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber), made in Europe.


Print profiles are optimised to match dimensions and appearance across all machines.


  • Layer height: 0.2 mm
  • Perimeters: 4
  • Bottom layers: 5 (monotonic)
  • Top layers: 5 (monotonic)
  • Infill: 40% (rectilinear)

The exact print profiles used are not publicly available.


For consistency, all machines use the same kind of nozzles and spring steel sheets:

  • Nozzle: ø 0.4 mm, hardened steel, ultra low resistance coating
  • Surface: ultra fine detailed textured PEI spring steel sheets

Nozzles are replaced once a week at a regular scheduled maintenance.


We guarantee a certain quality level, this also narrows down return reasons:

  • Tolerances: ± 0.1 mm (in all dimensions, regardless)
  • First layers: minimal to no gaps, no elephant foots
  • Warp: corner areas may warp up to X mm^2
  • Layer stacking / shell patterns: unavoidable
  • Blobs, zits, gaps: kept to absolute minimum
  • Bridging: single strings of filament
  • Stringing: may occur on top layer

If you are concerned, please take a look at our printed parts quality guide.


We're not associated with or taking part in the PIF (Print It Forward) program of the Voron Design community; although we try to adhere to their standards.

> 500 available
OMRON D2F-5L Microswitch
OMRON D2F-5L Microswitch
Endstop Microswitch usable for X/Y/Z. Type: D2F-5LRating: 250 V/AC - 5A

> 500 available
Round Neodym Magnets, 6 x 3 mm, N35H (high temp), electrically conductive
Round Neodym Magnets, 6 x 3 mm, N35H (high temp), electrically conductive
Magnet: N35H, silver, uncoated, electrically conductive
Round neodym magnet, 6 x 3 mm, N35H (≤ 100 °C), nickel plated. Note Electrically conductive.

Content: 10 piece (€0.40* / 1 piece)

Variants from €2.99*