LDO VORON1 V1.8 Frame, 250 Spec, blue


Content: 1 frame kit

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Voron / Model
Voron / Spec
Frame / Color
Product number: LDO-FRM-VRN-V18-250-BLU
Packaging: 150 x 540 x 110 mm (4.5 kg)
Product information "LDO VORON1 V1.8 Frame, 250 Spec, blue"

LDO VORON frame kits contain all needed aluminium extrusions, machined to spec (holes and tapped ends).

Note: additionally, VORON2 V2.4 frames include 4 pcs of color matching 90° angled corner cubes.

Frame / Color: blue
Voron / Model: VORON1 V1.8
Voron / Spec: 250
Bill of Materials for "LDO VORON1 V1.8 Frame, 250 Spec, blue"
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Model / Spec 120 230 250 300 350
VORON Legacy
VORON Switchwire
VORON Trident
VORON1 V1.8 1

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